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Working Papers

  • “Rationalized Stratification.” To appear in Social Stratification (5th Ed.), David Grusky, Nima Dahir and Claire Daviss, eds. New York: Routledge. · abstract · pdf
  • “The Plain Person’s Guide to Plain Text Social Science.” · abstract · pdf
  • “Credit Scores and the Moralization of Inequality.” · abstract

Retired Papers

Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Organ Entrepreneurs.” The Cambridge Handbook of Law and Entrepreneurship in the United States, D. Gordon Smith, Brian Broughton, and Christine Hurt, eds, Cambridge University Press 2022, pp.268-282. · abstract · pdf
  • “Reply to Putnam-Hornstein et al: On honest mistakes and raceless children.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences December 7, 2021 118 (49) e2116225118 · abstract · pdf
  • “Contact with Child Protective Services is Pervasive but Unequally Distributed by Race and Ethnicity in Large US Counties.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences July 27, 2021 118 (30) e2106272118 · abstract · pdf
  • “Rituals of Childhood.” The State of Families: Law, Policy, and the Meaning of Relationships, Jennifer Reich, ed (2021). New York: Routledge. · abstract
  • “Transformative Treatments.” Noûs 52: 320–335. · abstract · pdf
  • “Visualizing the Baby Boom.” Socius 4: 1-2 · abstract · pdf
  • “Public Sociology in the Age of Social Media.” Perspectives on Politics (2017), 15:771-780. · abstract · pdf
  • “Foreword” to Viviana Zelizer, Morals & Markets: The Development of Life Insurance in the United States, Legacy Edition. Columbia University Press. · abstract · pdf
  • “Fuck Nuance.” Sociological Theory 35:118-127. · abstract · pdf
  • “Repugnance Management and Transactions in the Body.” American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings (2017), 107: 86-90. · abstract · pdf
  • “Seeing Like a Market.” Socio-Economic Review, 15:9-29. · abstract · pdf
  • “Categories All the Way Down.” Historical Social Research (2017) 42:286-298, special issue on Markets and Classifications. · abstract · pdf
  • “The Performativity of Networks.” European Journal of Sociology, 56:175–205. · abstract · pdf
  • “Data Visualization in Sociology.” Annual Review of Sociology, 40:105–128. · abstract · pdf
  • “Classification Situations: Life-Chances in the Neoliberal Era.” Accounting, Organizations, and Society, 38:559–572. · abstract · pdf
  • “Custom, Contract, and Kidney Exchange.” Duke Law Journal, 62:645–670. · abstract · pdf
  • “Counting and Commodifying.” Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 35: 337–347. · abstract · pdf
  • “Choosing Your Workflow Applications.” The Political Methodologist, 18 (2), 9–18. · abstract · pdf
  • “Social Structure, Gifts and Norms in The Story of Qiu Ju.” In Norms and Values. The Role of Social Norms as Instruments of Value Realisation, edited by Michael Baurmann, Geoffrey Brennan, Robert E. Goodin and Nicholas Southwood. Baden Baden: Nomos Verlag. · abstract · pdf
  • “Sociology.” In A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy (Second Edition), pp90-122, edited by Robert E. Goodin, Philip Pettit, and Thomas Pogge. Blackwell, New York. · abstract · pdf
  • “Moral Views of Market Society.” Annual Review of Sociology 33:285–311. · abstract · pdf
  • “Do Presumed Consent Laws Raise Organ Procurement Rates?” DePaul Law Review 55:1017–1043. · abstract · pdf
  • “Altruism as an Organizational Problem: the case of Organ Procurement.” American Sociological Review 69:387–404. · abstract · pdf
  • “Sacred markets and secular ritual in the organ transplant industry.” In Frank Dobbin, editor, The Sociology of the Economy, pp336–359. Russell Sage Foundation, New York. · abstract
  • “Digital Technology and Cultural Goods.” Journal of Political Philosophy · abstract · pdf
  • “What’s new for Culture in the New Economy?” Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, 32:86–103. · abstract · pdf
  • “Wage Growth and Labor Decline in the Industrialized Democracies, 1965–1993.” Unemployment in the New Europe, edited by Nancy Bermeo. New York: Cambridge University Press, 121-144. · abstract
  • “Embedded altruism: Blood collection regimes and the European Union’s donor population.” American Journal of Sociology, 105:1633–57. · abstract · pdf
  • “The emergence of HIV in the U.S. blood supply: organizations, obligations and the management of uncertainty.” Theory and Society, 28:529–558. · abstract · pdf
  • “Explaining the OECD wage slowdown: Recession or labor decline?” European Sociological Review, 15:233–249. · abstract · pdf
  • “Conceptualising constraint: Mouzelis, Archer and the concept of social structure.” Sociology, 32:509–522. · abstract · pdf

Essays and Reviews

  • “By the Numbers.” European Journal of Sociology, 58:512-519 · abstract · pdf
  • “How Giving Keeps on Giving.” Review of The Paradox of Generosity by Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson. Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter: 70. · abstract
  • “Judgment and Distinction.” Review essay on Valuing the Unique, by Lucien Karpik. Socio-Economic Review. · abstract · pdf
  • Review of After the New Economy by Doug Henwood. European Economic Sociology Newsletter, 6(3):37–38. · abstract · pdf
  • Review of Heat Wave by Eric Klinenberg. Imprints, 8:283–289. · abstract · pdf
  • Review of Pop Finance by Brooke Harrington. American Journal of Sociology. 115:309–12. · abstract
  • “A Wealth of Notions.” Review essay on Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Sociological Forum 22: 119–125. · abstract · pdf
  • “Sacred.” Entry in the International Encyclopedia of Economic Sociology, edited by Jens Beckert and Milan Zafirofski. Routledge, London. · abstract · pdf
  • Review of An R and S-PLUS companion to Applied Regression. Sociological Methods and Research, 34:137–140. · abstract · pdf
  • Review of Against Essentialism by Stephan Fuchs. Contemporary Sociology, 32:252–4. · abstract · pdf
  • Review of Comparative Politics by Mark Lichbach and Alan Zuckerman. Contemporary Sociology, 27:435–441. · abstract
  • Review of Theory and Progress in Social Science. Theory and Society, 27:435–441. · abstract · pdf