Spreading Multiple Values

6 November 2018

Earlier this year my colleague Steve Vaisey was converting code in some course notes from Stata to R. He asked me a question about tidily converting from long to wide format when you have multiple value columns. This is a little more awkward than it should be, and I’ve run into the issue several times since then. I’m writing down the answer (or, an answer) here so that I can find it again myself.

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Asa Section Demographics

12 September 2018

The American Sociological Association released some data on its special-interest sections, including some demographic breakdowns. Dan Hirschman wrote a post on Scatterplot looking at some of the breakdowns. Here are some more. I was interested in two things: first, the relative prevalence of Student and Retired members across sections, and second the distribution of women across sections. About 53% of all ASA members are women, substantially higher than some other social sciences and many other academic disciplines.

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Recent Work

  • “Transformative Treatments.” Noûs 52: 320–335. Abstract  pdf
  • “Visualizing the Baby Boom.” Socius 4: 1-2 Abstract  pdf
  • “The Plain Person’s Guide to Plain Text Social Science.” Abstract  pdf
  • Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction. Forthcoming. Princeton University Press. Preorder on Amazon Abstract
  • “By the Numbers.” European Journal of Sociology (2017), 58:512-519 Abstract  pdf

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