In the great Mac Pro
there were Channels of Control
and a Naked Robotic Core
and a picture of ...
Just a Dinosaur
And there was the Tortise and Hare, and Invisible Software

And Grandpa Uncle Joe who Ran Out of Bombs Long Ago
And Patent Hands, and an iLife island

And Blue Ocean, a Wedge, and Objective-C
And all the Housewives of Siracusa County

Goodnight Pro Mac, Goodnight Brute Force Attack
Goodnight Tortise and Hare, and Invisible Software

Goodnight White Smoke, and Paths in the Grass
Goodnight Cautionary Tale, Goodnight Thundercats

Goodnight Grandpa Joe, Goodnight Bombs Long Ago
Goodnight Next Big Move, Goodnight room to improve

Goodnight Patent Hands, Goodnight iLife island
Goodnight Dark Age of Objective-C, Goodnight You Will Die Instantly

Goodnight Memory Palace, Goodnight 5by5
Goodnight nobody, Goodnight Fusion Drive

And Goodnight Siracusa County Housewives

Goodnight podcast, Goodnight Talking to the Bear

Goodnight Jackals, everywhere