Based on the heatmaps I drew earlier this month, I made a poster of two centuries of data on mortality rates in France for males and females. It turned out reasonably well, I think. I will probably get it blown up to a nice large size and put it up on the wall. I’ve had very good results with PhD Posters for work like this over the years, by the way.

Poster of French mortality rates

Two centuries of French mortality rates

Here’s a PDF version if you have access to a color printer or plotter and would like a hard copy.

As before, the data are from, and the plots were produced in R using ggplot. The code to make them is available on GitHub. The sidebar was added in Adobe Illustrator. And, of course, if you’d like to learn how to make, refine, and understand plots like this, consider buying my book, Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction.