I’ve made some updates to the Emacs Starter Kit for the Social Sciences. The kit builds on Phil Hagelberg’s original and Eric Schulte’s org-mode version, and incorporates some packages and settings that are particularly useful for the social sciences. See the Starter Kit’s Homepage for more details. The new version requires Emacs 24, which is not quite officially released but is in very good shape. See the project page for more information about what’s included in the starter kit and how to install it.

The latest version is a little more streamlined than before, because we can now take advantage of the package-management system that comes standard with Emacs 24. So, several packages that had been bundled-in with the starter kit are now fetched during installation instead. ESS is now on github, which makes it possible to include it as a submodule. The color theming now uses Emacs 24’s native theming system, not the color-theme package.

I also removed the org-mode submodule, as an up-to-date version of it now comes with Emacs 24. Ideally I’ll shortly be able to do this for ESS, too, as it ought to be installable as a package.