October 23, 2007

· Politics

Oh the Feminists hate Republicans And Republicans hate the Feminists To mock all Feminazis Is an old G.O.P. rule

But during Islamo-Fascism Week Islamo-Fascism Week You’ll see Ann Coulter On Our Backs at USC She’s helping Muslims seek Their Feminine Mystique Simone De Beauvoir’s really very cool

Oh FrontPage hates the atheists The liberals and the Darwinists The godless and the secular In the groves of Academe

But during Islamo-Fascism Week Islamo-Fascism Week The Origin of Species is beyond critique Mr Horowitz, he has a plan To carpet-bomb Tehran With hardback copies of The Selfish Gene

Oh Conservatives hate the sodomites And the lesbians and degenerates Repressing deviant urges Is a vital party test

But during Islamo-Fascism Week Islamo-Fascism Week See Rick Santorum weep for every closeted Sheikh Defend the freedom of the West And the freaks who represent it best It’s only for a week so have no fear Be grateful that it doesn’t last all year!

(With apologies to Tom Lehrer.)

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