May 22, 2007

· Misc

The 17-year Cicadas are coming. The fact that subsets of them are named by Brood Year and the current batch is Brood XIII is just fantastic. Surely (where’s John Holbo when you need him?) there is a ‘50s Attack of the Giant Cicadas film called Brood Thirteen. Or an early comic book? Even better, according to National Geographic, “Each brood of 17-year cicadas actually consists of three different species … and each one has its own song. … The three songs have been described as sounding like the word ‘pharaoh,’ a sizzling skillet, and a rotary lawn sprinkler.” Cicadas of the Pharoah (Tor 1986), shortlisted for a Hugo. Lawn Sprinklers of the Pharoah was the admittedly failed sequel.

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