December 6, 2005

· Internet

I’ve been moving house, so my apologies for the lack of content (as we used to say in those late-90s, Venture Capital days when CT was set to become a major portal/ bookseller/ search-engine/ content-provider … Ah, “content”—fungible like money, homogenous like lard, extrudable like sausage. A marvelous substance.) The other day our own John and Belle suffered a nasty double-meltdown of their computers. This prompted me to do something I should have done ages ago, which is set up an off-site backup system. Like John and Belle I’d previously relied on synchronizing my laptop and desktop machines (using Unison). Properly backing-up your data can be a pain, but then so can losing everything. Thankfully, though, the Interwebs nowadays provide some useful and easy-to-use services in addition to all that content (consistency somewhere between Hellman’s Mayonnaise and Cool-Whip; can be used as spackle if needed). So I’ve also signed up for a basic account with Strongspace, part of Dean Allen et al’s Textdrive outfit. With the assistance of a helpful tutorial from MagpieBrain (Part One, Part Two, Part Three), I now have secure, automated, passwordless, daily remote backups of the important stuff on my Mac. Strongspace starts at eight bucks a month for just over 4GB of space (and unlimited bandwidth). I recommend it. (And they’re not even paying me to endorse them.)

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