March 29, 2004

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ct-lineout Having John and Belle join us brings the Crooked Timber roster to 15, which means we are now available for rugby matches against similarly-sized group blogs. Bring ‘em on, I say. As you can see to the right, our front row is easily amongst the best in the world. Hooker John Quiggin is complemented by English hard-man Bertram and Welsh terror Davies. Flankers Weatherson and new acquisition Holbo combine to ensure mobility amongst the forwards, while second-rows Farrell (H) and Barlow are big enough to catch anything thrown at them in the lineout. Number 8 “Man-Mountain Micah” Schwartzman anchors the forward line. Scrum-half Farrell (M) provides the crucial link between the heavy-hitting forwards and the nimbler back line. At out-half, Runnacles is equally well-able to run with the ball or kick for possession deep in opposition territory. Centers Hargittai and Waring are quick on the break while wingers Brighouse and Mandle create havoc with the slower defences of other blogs. Finally Healy at full back is perhaps the only question mark in an otherwise impeccable line-up.

And in case anyone’s wondering, rugby-team size seems to be optimal. Despite appearances to the contrary, and unlike the State or the Market (depending on your temperament), CT has no inbuilt tendency to expand indefinitely until it takes over every aspect of life.

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