February 17, 2004

· Politics

Via Atrios and RMPN I found a beta version of FollowTheNetwork.Org. Apparently the brainchild of David Horowitz, it purports to be “a guide to the political left” and takes the form of a big database of people, funders, media, government and so on. The design of the site suggests that the left is a huge, interconnected web of shadowy figures and money flows. The database entries make for interesting reading. Trawling around in it (note that the site is in beta, so these links may stop working soon) I find that you can “follow the network” for people like these:

I could go on. And that’s just the database of individuals. There’s also the list of groups, where you can find invaluable information on terrorist groups like Hamas, Habitat for Humanity and the Harvard Alumni Association. And like any good blacklist, everyone is invited to submit any information they might have.

Update: Blogger Jack Balkin is on the list, as another “‘Progressive’ Academic.” What are we at CT? Chopped Liver?

Update 2: It seems like the Follow The Network has been taken offline, but those helpful people at RMPN have a Mirror Site for you all to play with.

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