February 14, 2004

· Internet

It’s quiztime, courtesy of Mike Rappaport at The Right Coast, who does not like us. He turns his keen critical eye on four of our recent posts. The goal of the quiz is to match each of Mike’s devastating indictments to its target:

table(fig). {font-weight:bold;center}_|Accusation|Target| |(. 1. Attacked conservatives when they were down. |((. A. John. | |(. 2. Failed to discuss something on our blog. |((. B. Harry. | |(. 3. Relies on news sources other than Fox. |((. C. Chris. | |(. 4. Knows about the history of socialism. |((. D. Kieran. |

Answers are at The Right Coast. The accuracy of these criticisms, and their effect on our credibility at CT, will be the subject of a later quiz.

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