June 4, 2003

· Politics

Dan Drezner sez:

Op-ed space on the New York Times is a scarce commodity. Even if it has a liberal bias, I want to read smart liberals—Josh Marshall, Kevin Drum, Kieran Healy, Brad DeLong, Henry Farrell—not pompous windbags like Rosenthal.

Sounds like a great Monday-to-Friday line up to me, Dan. You can have Safire’s spot, and the sooner the better. My credentials as a columnist stretch back beyond this blog to happy days at the Daily Princetonian writing pieces designed to irritate the undergrads. (This turned out to be absurdly easy. See examples here, here, and here.) So I think I could make a go of it, even if the Times’ audience didn’t take to me right away: I got my end-of-semester evaluations back today, and as my favorite one of them said, “He was pretty rude at the beginning but he kind of grew on me like a fungus.”

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