May 16, 2003

· Personal

I’m in San Francisco this weekend, going to a wedding. Hope you’ll all survive without me. Did I mention that I love wireless connectivity? Also, I love Millennium, a fantastic restaurant located at 580 Geary Street in downtown SF, in the Savoy Hotel. It only serves vegan food. I’m not a vegan myself (the chief ontologist is), but if you have any knee-jerk prejudices about what food made with no animal products whatsoever must taste like, then go to this restaurant and have your eyes opened by way of your mouth. There’s a line in a Terry Pratchett novel somewhere about the virtues of cooking under strong constraints about ingredients—it brings out the chef’s creativity. By comparison to Millennium, even good restaurants tend to look as if their only trick involves killing something with legs, putting it near something hot and then waiting till it turns brown.

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