Looks like blogging is going to be pretty light this week, and probably non-existent next week, for a mix of work and personal reasons. I’m sure you’ll all cope. All you need to remember are four things:

1 It’s a good cause, but the guys in charge are going to screw it up. Incidentally, although the U.S. state is the most powerful organization in the world, it’s not some kind of omnipotent godlike force. There is a word to describe the mistake of thinking that because one is most powerful, one is also all powerful. That word is ‘hubris’.

2 Torturing people to advance democracy is a really bad idea.

3 Jim Capozzola for senate. If I lived in Pennsylvania I’d vote for him, if I had a vote.

4 Always back up and write down your hardware info before installing Linux. Remember, Chris, Linux is only free if your time has no value. (Bear in mind that Windows actually makes you pay to waste your time trying to fix it, though.)