February 22, 2003

· Books

I upgraded to Movable Type version 2.62 and took the opportunity to install the MTAmazon plugin, which lets me more or less automatically plug into Amazon’s search system and have Movable Type parse the results. The upshot for you is the little reading list off to the side there. As time goes by, it’ll probably contain links related to stuff I’m posting about, working on or want someone to buy for me.

Update: Some further messing around has resulted in some items from my Amazon Wishlist appearing in the sidebar. Cool. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be possible to pick 10 items at random off the list and display them. But that’s not such a big deal.

Update 2: Even though it’s my birthday next month, I changed my mind about putting the Wishlist on the sidebar. It was getting too cluttered over there.

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I am Associate Professor of Sociology at Duke University. I’m affiliated with the Kenan Institute for Ethics, the Markets and Management Studies program, and the Duke Network Analysis Center.



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