Business intrudes on blogging. For shame. In the meantime, some random thoughts:

When someone raises the “meme” meme I am “tempted” meme to “reach” meme for my “crap” meme.

Why has the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, widely linked to by warbloggers, adopted this logo? Surely it stinks of the cheese-stained streets where it was made and should be returned to them forthwith, along with a huffy note.

Democracy in Iraq—- great idea. How much will a U.S. invasion contribute to its prospects? Not much, I think.

Apropos of nothing, organizing a wedding is a constrained optimization problem. Variables are: Elegant, Cheap, and Organized by Someone Else. Pick any two.

All of this brouhaha about Megan McArdle getting upset about nasty hate mail in the wake of her throwaway remarks about hitting protesters with 2×4s seems like small beer when toxic waste like this gets its own TV show.