February 16, 2003

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I don’t normally post this sort of thing, but here you go. Most weekends, if I can help it, I go mountain biking with SAMBA, a local club. Today was just one of those perfect Arizona winter days—- an absurdly sunny 72 degrees—- and we rode Chiva Falls, a moderately technical trail. We had quite a bit of rain earlier in the week and we were hoping the falls would be running. They were, and it was great: we got to see a 75ft-or-so waterfall in the Arizona desert. The trails in Southern Arizona are terrific. You don’t need a fancy bike to enjoy them, though it does help. (Warning: gearhead moment approaching.) I’m the lucky owner of an Ellsworth Truth, a very nice cross-country bike. (I bought used it from John Pollock. No way would I have been able to afford a fully-kitted-out new one.) The Truth flies down singletrack, has better suspension than my car, and climbs like a monkey on acid. Beats sitting at my desk.

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