January 1, 2003

· Obiter Dicta

Welcome to Kieran Healy’s Weblog In Review for 2002. The first half of 2002 wasn’t so good for this blog, given that it didn’t exist. But that means it wasn’t so bad for it, either, seeing as things that don’t exist don’t have interests or feelings. After being born on May 21st, the blog began its long climb towards the fringes of blogtopia. I don’t think you can climb to the fringe of something, but never mind—- it’s sharp writing like this that has put this blog on the edges of the map.

My Five Favorite Posts of Last Year Feel the quality. In chronological order.

  1. National Football Strategies. Not mine, never could attribute it. But it’s funny.

  2. Philip Mirowski’s Machine Dreams. Worth putting in because the book is so good, even if my early thoughts on it aren’t. Related followups are here and here.

  3. Firms, Markets and Information. Thoughts on a post by Brink Lindsey.

  4. Inequality and Incarceration. An effort to get some commentators to see that sentencing policy has an independent effect on who ends up in prison, over and above the crime rate. With followups here, and here.

  5. Free Software = Socialism = Death. That’ll teach me to read TechCentralStation.

  6. Market Discipline and Organizational Responsibility. Corporate fraud and responsibility-producing institutions.

Yes, I know that was six. Never mind.

My Five Most Read Posts of Last Year These ones reeled in the hits.

  1. Membership Has Its Privileges. Noting the appearance of a very odd honor indeed. We posted a followup a bit later on.

  2. Shooting at the University of Arizona. A post about the horrible murder of three faculty members in the U of A nursing school by a bitter, depressed student with four hanguns to help him work out his problems.

  3. Philosophy Discovers Society. Analytic Philosophy given a slight tweak.

  4. Kahneman’s Nobel. Thoughts on the prize.

  5. Political Sociology. It’s not my field, but here’s a reading list anyway.

Top Five Odd Google Searches That Led People Here

  1. “index of doggie.jpg”

  2. “weblog call girl”

  3. “kieran healy animals” and “kieran healy god” (tie)

  4. “show me how to write a comparative religion research paper”

  5. “it is really stressful to write an essay”

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