December 17, 2002

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As noted by Jacob Levy, it’s picky grammar day at How Appealing and Mark Kleiman’s Blog. On the principle that once is happenstance, twice is coincidence but three or more’s a definite trend, it’s also grammar day at the Volokhs and (funniest of all) at Roger Ailes’ Over and Out.

How can I resist picking at my own nits in such circumstances? Luckily, CalPundit links to a semi-interesting article by David Brooks about university life where Brooks says:

They are also incredibly entrepreneurial when it comes to student activities. I’ve long regarded Yale as the best school in America, on the basis of conversations with adult friends who went there.

Repeat after me, everyone: “Incredibly” is not a synonym of “very” or “exceptionally” or “remarkably” or “extremely”. Seeing people use it that way is incredibly annoying.

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