November 24, 2002

· Internet

While we’re talking about information technology, let me remind you to visit Freedom To Tinker, Edward Felten’s weblog. He’s the Computer Science Prof. at Princeton who got into trouble with the RIAA for doing some basic research at their invitation. His blog is a great place to keep up with what’s happening in the world of technology regulation. And his existence reminds me of a whole class of scholar bloggers that I didn’t mention in my previous post.

Ed links to a neat tool called Get Content Size, which calculates the ratio of text content to other gunk on your webpage. This weblog scored a healthy 47.81%. My homepage only got an anemic 19.08%. To save you doing it yourself, Instapundit got 36.96%.

The name “GetContentSize” is a tiny bit misleading. It doesn’t identify the ratio of substance to verbiage, just the ratio of HTML style elements to actual text on the page. Hemingway might score very poorly and Bulwer Lytton very well on this system. But it’s a fun tool all the same. Its author is Adrian Holotavy. Suspiciously, Adrian’s own site is not reachable using this tool.

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