September 25, 2002

· Misc

Loyal readers (a big shout-out to my cat) ask, What have I been doing for the last two days? Have I been writing papers? Gathering data? Teaching classes? Somewhat. But mainly, I have been getting Adobe Caslon to install properly under TeX on Linux, so that I can use a beautiful typeface (with old-style figures) for my notional book draft. This was made more difficult by the fact that I bought the cheap package rather than the base font and expert set.

Now you may think that the important thing about a book is the content, and that’s what I should be worrying about. But the sad fact is that I’m such a font junkie that seeing even a rough draft properly typeset (with LaTeX) with a professional font makes me much, much more likely to continue writing it. At least I’m not alone in my addiction. And all you Microsoft Word people out there have no idea what you’re missing.

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