Code and Data

This page has links to configuration files, templates, and a few other things that might be of use to people who want to write well-formatted social science papers in plain text, with data, figures, and references. I wrote an introductory guide to some of the material here.

The Sausage Factory

Choosing Your Workflow Applications

A short discussion, aimed at graduate students, about why you should think carefully about your workflow applications, i.e., the software tools you use to write papers. It consists of some general principles to bear in mind together with a bunch of specific software recommendations. There is a sample github repository that contains the .org source file the PDF is created from.

An Emacs Starter Kit for the Social Sciences

This is a fork of Eric Schulte's Emacs Starter Kit (itself an offshoot of Phil Hagelberg's original) with additional tools included for social scientists, mostly related to writing books or papers in LaTeX and analyzing quantitative data using ESS and R. The goal is to provide a drop-in configuration for Emacs that makes it easier to use right from the get-go. If you know about Git, you can clone the repository.

Pandoc Templates

Some rudimentary Pandoc templates, meant to go in ~/.pandoc/templates. Pointed to them directly with the --template or --css switches as appropriate, and use them with what's provided in latex-custom-kjh. Includes a shell script for setting pandoc up to work with the Marked app, a handy HTML live previewer for .md files.

LaTeX Templates and Styles

A collection of LaTeX style files, templates, and org-mode documents providing some nice layouts for typesetting articles using pdfLaTeX or XeLaTeX. They make a pipeline that lets you begin with an .org file in Emacs (as set up in the Starter Kit), and go from there to a nice, fully-processed PDF in one step. Or the pieces can be used separately to set up a .tex file with a nice Article layout.

So You Like My Vita

Every few months I get an email asking to see the LaTeX markup that I use to generate my Curriculum Vitae. So, here it is. Feel free to adapt it yourself. If you make stylistic modifications, I encourage you to fork the project on GitHub and make them available to others in the same way.

So You Like My Website

This site is produced using Hugo, a very fast static site generator, which you can read more about here. I've written about my own experience setting it up, too. If you want to look under the bonnet, the entire site is on GitHub. Feel free to adapt it yourself. If you make stylistic modifications, I encourage you to fork the project on GitHub and make them available to others in the same way. You should also change the Google Analytics information in the footer partial, or I will receive analytics information about your site.

All GitHub Projects

Here is a full list of the various public code and data repositories that I have put on GitHub. They range from the configuration and templating tools listed above to data visualization exercises and other bits of data analysis, mostly written in R.


I am Associate Professor of Sociology at Duke University. I’m affiliated with the Kenan Institute for Ethics, the Markets and Management Studies program, and the Duke Network Analysis Center.



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