It’s probably morally wrong to blog on your honeymoon (Laurie and I got married on Monday) but what can I say? I wanted some news on the impending war, but our hotel room has no TV. On a whim, I turned on my PowerBook and checked to see if there were any open wireless access points in range—and there were. I love San Francisco already. I made sure to secure permission from my new wife (ha!) before going online. She clearly loves me if she’s prepared to put up with this sort of behavior. For my sins, I have now got my fill of depressing news for the day and can spend the rest of it having a good time.

In case you’re wondering why the room has no TV, it’s because we’re staying at the Red Victorian, a super-cool, peace-and-love B&B in the Haight. We’re in the Peacock Suite, which has—amongst other things—a shrine in the corner. Cool.

OK, I’m off to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to see the DaVinci and Poland exhibit.