March 11, 2003

· Personal

It’s my birthday. I’m 30. There’s obviously been some mistake, as I was planning on being in my late 20s for quite a bit longer. From now on, this blog will focus increasingly on topics such as advances in Zimmer frame technology, the need to save Social Security and extended reflections on how the world used to be full of old people, but now appears to be full of young people.

As for the dangerous business of reflecting on one’s life (“So, what’ve you accomplished over the past three decades, eh?), I’m reminded of that line of Tom Lehrer’s—”It’s sobering to reflect that by the time Mozart was my age, he’d already been dead for two years.”

Hmm. Time to go buy a load of stuff from my wishlist, I think. While there’s still time.

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I am Associate Professor of Sociology at Duke University. I’m affiliated with the Kenan Institute for Ethics, the Markets and Management Studies program, and the Duke Network Analysis Center.



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