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Tue, Sep 3, 2002

Trackback Feedforward

As I’ve said often before, TrackBack is a great idea, and the more people who use it the better. So this post is just here to ping What She Really Thinks, who has just switched on her TrackBack feature.
Mon, Aug 19, 2002

Internet Signal-to-Noise

A recent item by Ray Ozzie, mentioned on Brad DeLong’s, weblog argues that whereas conventional discussion groups produce either an appallingly low signal-to-noise ratio or rapid moderator burnout for largely similar reasons: flamers, spammers, et cetera have every incentive to post irrelevant information. Groups of weblogs, in Ozzie’s opinion, solve this problem by a means similar to Google: if a flamer publishes a rant on his own weblog and nobody links to it, does it burn anything?
Mon, Jul 1, 2002

TrackBack Explained to Myself

TrackBack is a very neat new feature of my Weblog software. Here’s how it works. Imagine we both have weblogs. I post an entry that you want to comment on. But you have a weblog of your own, and would rather write what you have to say there. (Why scatter your genius across the web willy-nilly, when it can all be on your site?) So instead of putting a comment under the entry on my webpage, you write a regular log entry in your weblog and use trackback to ping the entry on my page that you want to talk about.