Mon Jul 17, 2006

Ron Burt certainly does not live in a van down by the river

I am here in Palo Alto at the Center for Advanced Study, for a Summer Camp Institute, and am drowning in readings on global convergence, divergence and trajectories of global capitalism, while trying to punch above my weight with a bunch of smart people. (World Cup mixed metaphors have infected my writing: not “Not waving but drowning” but “Drowning and Punching”. Hmm.) Palo Alto is like Princeton West, only somewhat larger. Fortunately I have no internet access where I’m staying to distract me. Meeting my co-campers has added significantly to the list of books and articles I need to read, let alone write. For instance, there’s Len Seabrooke’s The Social Sources of Financial Power, Josh Whitford’s The New Old Economy, and Monica Prasad’s The Politics of Free Markets.

Meanwhile, Omar Lizardo is blogging at OrgTheory. Go read him. I’m on Omar’s dissertation committee so I take full credit for all the good stuff he says, including the title of this post.