Fri Mar 24, 2006

Ben Domenech

The Ben Domenech plagiarism trainwreck is summarized nicely by hilzoy at Obsidian Wings. (The discovery of an entire column ripped out of a PJ O’Rourke book is the icing on the cake.) The two most entertaining things written about it so far are, first, the in-the-bunker defences being rolled out at RedState, and second, this comment at Sadly No!

No matter how brief Ben’s Post gig was, it’s still going to look good on his (Ctrl)C (Ctrl)V …

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about kinds of plagiarism by college students:

Like hepatitis, plagiarism comes in several varieties.

  1. Google Plagiarism. Find a paper or discussion online. Pros: Copy. Paste. Done! Cons: Professor may also know about Google.

Sadly for Ben, the “may also know about Google” problem goes for thousands of bloggers as well. Never mind the joys of Amazon’s “Search Inside” feature, which allowed for the lift from O’Rourke to be confirmed.