Thu Mar 3, 2005

Body Parts Sociology

I have left the bitter Sonoran desert behind and am in balmy Chicago for a conference about body parts. Packing my suitcase, I realized that I’m going to have some trouble keeping my own body parts at a reasonable temperature: where are all those Winter clothes I used to own? Didn’t I live in New Jersey and Connecticut for years? So I just brought everything I had.

The conference should be interesting. Mainly lawyers and bioethics people, along with some economists. I am the token sociologist. I’ll be talking about some work I’m doing on organ procurement rates in seventeen OECD countries, so obviously I am on the panel titled “The Battle Between Bioethics and Religion.” As it happens, my friend John Evans wrote the book on the battle between bioethics and religion. The final score was Bioethics 3, Religion 1.