Fri Jan 14, 2005

And this is Jesus's skull when he was a little boy

The True Cross is coming to Tucson!

The [“Relics of the Passion”] exhibit is part of a six-state tour that will take place during Lent. The eight relics include what are believed to be remains from Jesus’ crown of thorns, a piece of exterior wrapping from the Shroud of Turin that some say was Jesus’ burial sheet, and a sliver from the cross used to crucify him. A replica of one of the nails used to hang Christ on the cross also will be part of the display. Though it’s not an actual nail used in the crucifixion, organizers say it’s made from shavings of some nails that were.

“Certainly, if people saw the movie, now it’s time to venerate the relics,” said tour organizer Richard Jeffrey, past state deputy for the Arizona Knights of Columbus …

I wonder how much they’ll be charging people to see them. If it’s cheap enough, I’ll have to go along. The tour is being organized by the Apostolate For Holy Relics, an organization based not in the Vatican City, but out of a Post Office Box in Los Angeles. You can save yourself a trip and see photos of the relics on the AFHP’s website, though mostly you just see the reliquaries of the relics.