Mon Aug 11, 2003

Comings and Goings

So I’m working away this afternoon (not blogging, no sir), getting ready to make a quick trip to Atlanta for the American Sociological Association’s annual meetings and this guy comes in the door…

I know this sounds like the start of a bad joke, but in fact it was Tim Dunlop, who happens to be in Canberra at the moment. This was a pleasant surprise, not least because he managed to find my office, thereby proving himself to be a very clever man indeed. I only know Tim through his blog, so it was nice to put a face to the name.

As I say, I’m off to Atlanta tomorrow (weather permitting) for the ASA meetings this weekend. Depending on what the hotel is like and how jetlagged I am, I may post some DeLong-style amateur conference ethnography. Unlike the AEA meetings, the ASA will have a number of professional ethnographers on the scene, though they may not be observing in their spare time. Possibly there’ll also some reporters looking for a cheap August story built around papers with silly titles. We’ll see.