Sun May 4, 2003

Movers and Shakers

John Quiggin has moved address. Funny, I’m on his mailing list but not his blogroll. I know I’m not an economist, but I argue I am a “site of interest”. Also moving are the Farrell Siblings, making the world safe for Political Science and vice versa. (Sorry if I jumped the gun on announcing the move, Henry.) Both John and the Farrells are using Movable Type for their blogs, which is good. Henry and Maria need to turn on TrackBack, however.

The title of this entry reminds me of one of my favorite New Yorker cartoons.

In case you’re wondering, my current favorite New Yorker cartoon is this one. It compactly summarizes fifty years of sociological research on intergenerational social mobility in the stratification systems of the advanced capitalist democracies. I have a T-shirt of it.