Tue Nov 12, 2002

Attack of the Clones, Indeed

image According to this morning’s Irish Times (subscription required—- sorry), Trinity College Dublin is considering legal action against Lucasfilm because the Jedi Temple Archive (left, top) looks suspiciously like the Long Room of Trinity’s Old Library Building (left, bottom). The images here don’t look just the same because they’re shot at different angles—- the top floor of books is more visible in the real library, together with the vaulted ceiling, whereas in the Jedi library the bottom floor of books and main nave is more visible. The similarities are very striking, right down to the lighting of the books (though blue, rather than yellow) and the placement of the busts along the sides of the nave. Pretty funny, given how jealous Lucasfilm is of its intellectual property. Now I just need George Lucas to put the UCC Quad in the next film.