Wed Oct 9, 2002

Fsk, Fsk, Fsk

CalPundit has an excellent post complaining about fisking. I agree with him. It’s the lamest form of criticism. (It reminds me of what we try to stop graduate students doing in first-year seminars. “This is crap! All crap! Every word of it!”) Next on the list, I think, is anti-idiotarianism., which MaxSpeak was complaining about the other day. It’s stuff like this that give me blog-fatigue. Fisk, fisk, idiot, idiot. Bleah. After a while, it’s like having someone shouting in your ear. It’s the kind of approach that leads to a pointlessly angry and sarky public sphere—- not to mention closed minds all around. That’s why I like Anger Management Course’s advice, and why I laughed at R. Robot.