Tue Oct 8, 2002

Robot Wars

R. Robot is the robot pundit. He’s a warbot. You feed him a name, and in short order he delivers a punchy column, laced with invective and cheap shots against the liberal blogger of your choice. Think Christopher Hitchens meets Ann Coulter in a software development environment. Here’s what he did to that well-known PC Peacenik, Kieran Healy:

A modest proposal

by R. Robot

The appeasing National Public Radio set makes reasonable political discourse impossible when they resort to spin and irrelevance every time Henry Kissinger says something accurate.

One of the cunning Saddamphiles, Kieran Healy misrepresents Dick Cheney. “What ever happened to Osama Bin Laden?” he said. Oh, really? Now that’s just contemptibly handwringing rationalizing.

Refusing to stand behind the President, apologists would rather engage in contemptuously cynical insouciance as usual. “‘Department of Homeland Security?’ What the fuck is this, Brazil?” as Kieran Healy said last week.

Kieran Healy, what kind of a man are you? The cunning liberals contemptibly believe that Prime Minister Blair is a more dangerous tyrant than the Buffalo Al Qaeda cell.

Beyond Germany, it’s difficult to identify any country where anti-Americanism is on the upswing.

Pathological pundits like Joe Conason and others apparently believe the best way to confront Yassir Arafat is to give him a big, sloppy kiss.

Pretty harsh. You should see what he did to Chris Bertram, though.