Tue Oct 1, 2002


AP reports that the Ozone hole over Antarctica has shrunk, and split in two. Now, it seems OK so say a hole is shrinking. How a hole splits in two is harder for me to see. What exactly is doing the splitting? Or maybe splitting (extra matter coming in one particular way) is just a special case of shrinking (extra matter coming in all around, more or less). But that seems weird, because by adding matter you get more holes. Questions like this are why I am not a philosopher. I need to go re-read David and Steffi Lewis’s dialog on Holes. Or else get Laurie to give Achille Varzi a call for me. (You may remember Achille being in the news during the Florida election disaster, when experts on holes—- and what counted as a hole in, say, a punch card—- were in rare but heavy demand.)